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SchlafsäckeSleeping Bags



Star qualities: light and fine
Perfect for people who experience adventures while others sleep; who enjoy a trip with good companions; who consider flirting an adventure as well; who believe life is too short for bad design; who do not consider fashion and nature to be inconsistent with one another; who dream about flying; who believe their eyes travel as well; who consider the lightness of being absolutely bearable.



Endless possibilities

Made for people who one day wants to trek the Alps and the next wants to camp near a quiet lake with the kids; who feels that space is a human right; who likes to sit by the bonfire and tell ghost stories after midnight; who wants more than one choice; who likes the colours of autumn leaves; who feel that comfort is as important as functionality; who dreams about big adventures; who likes to ride the bike, paddle the kayak or simply walk small and dirty tracks; who wants to act; pronto.





Pushing the limits

Created for people who do not compromise; who climb mountains just because they can; who want to be ready to move to the next destination without spending time packing; who are curios about K2 as well as a colourful beetle in the forest floor; who do not want to check in too much luggage at the airport; who think that life is one big dish ready to be consumed; who are curious of what lies waiting round the corner; and the next.




Ultra-light – unbeatable on long distances

Popular with people who long for vast open landscapes; who want to stride ahead with winged steps, either on foot or bicycle; for whom the journey and the proper equipment are more important than the destination; who are attracted by both the summer mountain-lodge in the Alps and the vastness of the Arctic; who like to make plans and change them again; who think a sleeping bag should disburden and not burden.





Expert for tightrope walks

Developed for people who climbed over forbidden fences in their childhood; who always wanted to know how far they can go; who believe they can do it; who do not understand the purpose of comprehensive insurances; who are not scared to meet polar bears outside the zoo; who enjoy the thrill; who do not require substances to feel enlightened; who commute between the Elbe Sandstone Mountains and the Himalayas; who think about applying for “Die hard – gimme six“; for whom civilisation is a welcome change of scenery.


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