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Passion FivePassion Five
Passion Five

Passion Five

Product details – Passion Five

The COMPANYON sleeping bag.
Passion Five with ankle-length zipper, 3-D warmth collar. Delivery incl. storage bag & stuff suck.

Outer material: next to nothing (100% Nylon)
Inner material: next to nothing (100% Nylon)
Measurements: 210 x 77 x 52 cm (M), 228 x 80 x 56 (L)
stuff bag size: 15 x 15 x 37 cm
Weight: 690 g (M), 790 g (L)
Filling: 500 g,
800+ European Downs 95/5 pro inch3
US Standard: around 850 inch3,
S-Box construction
Temperature Information:
Comfort -2°C, Limit -7°C, Extreme -25°C

Passion Five

The lightest sleeping bag
in the world!

Passion models are the fascination of the “Nothing“. They belong to the world’s lightest sleeping bags.

With their ankle-length zip fastener, lowest weight and pack size there is excellently plenty room left for sleeping. With a weight of 25g/sqm the Yeti Rip Stop nylon fabric is still extremely tearproof. Thanks to the calendered manufacture of the fabric, good wind- and water-proof characteristics are achieved as well. The high-quality filling is gained from extremely large Masurian (Poland) breeding gooses.


This provides for an achievement of loft values of 900+ cuin at a maximum downs/feathers ratio of 97/3.

Due to their uniqueness, these raw materials are available only to a limited extent. For this reason, these sleeping bags are produced in limited quantities only.

Comprehensive tests of the used fabrics offer the user a maximum of safety and comfort for skin-friendly fabrics and fillings.


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