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Handmade in Germany

Yeti produces in Germany. The small factory is located in the Saxon Görlitz on the bank of the Neiße. At this place, first-class cloths have been woven and fulled for centuries, at last the “VEB Volltuch“ has coloured FDJ (organisation for teenagers in the GDR)-shirts and “Marmor jeans (stone washed jeans)“ here. Nowadays, eight Yeti employees produce about 10000 down sleeping bags per year, which rank among the best of the world.

It is a strange building, light-flooded and interlaced, during the 50ies it belonged to the avant-garde architecture. From the Yeti Managing Director to the salesman, they all work next door – which is usually open. This has two advantages: One can only bear up working here if one likes the colleagues at least a little bit. And the quality of production is visible for everyone.


Prior to delivery, the quality of the downs is checked regularly at laboratories and the textiles pass through external quality checks. However, the sense of longstanding employees such as Birgit, Sophia, Ramona and Ingrid is irreplaceable. Each down filling, each square metre of textile passes through their hands. They see, feel and smell if maturity, bulking power, mixing ratio, softness and odor comply with the demands on a Crystal Down. With their eyes closed they identify a LightyGram-tissue, with open ones errors in a AquaProPlus-cover. They do not pardon sloppiness, their judgment is merciless. For them, quality is not just a question of guidelines, but a also a question of honor.


The History of Yeti Company

  • Yeti was founded in East Germany near Berlin by Bernd Exner in 1983. His goal was to improve his equipment such that the quality holds while in use under extreme conditions. The focus was on the manufacture of high-quality down sleeping bags and down clothing. They should offer the optimal protection in harsh weather. These fundamental conditions still remain an integral component of the Yeti-philosophy in the entire product strategy.

  • The Exner family searched for sleeping bags for outdoor use, could not find any that met these requirements, and thus constructed their first sleeping bags with local down and materials.

  • The quality was quickly improved and the interest in high-quality products grew increasingly. Soon, Yeti products were being used for extreme expeditions, like in the mountains of Kazakhstan and Kirgizia.

  • Private firms were, however, not allowed in the former German Democratic Republic (DDR). Still, since 1987 Yeti was both tolerated and accepted. Yeti manufactured products that no other firm in the former Eastern bloc could have produced.

  • Following the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the opening of the borders, Yeti began importing technical materials of the highest standard. Yeti rose rapidly to the leading vendors of the outdoor-market and since then many expedition participants have used Yeti products. Some of the most meaningful expeditions are listed here.

  • In the year 2000 the Exner family sold the majority of the Yeti company to the Carl Breiding & Sohn Company, a leading producer in Germany and Europe for down and beddingware.

  • In 2003 Yeti moved it ist current location in Görlitz. Yeti is now in a former textile factory, direct on the Neiße River. This location looks back on a hundred years old textile tradition. The logistics center could be further built up through the move and at this location are now warehouses, administration, service department, product development, and parts of the production itself.

  • In 2004 Breiding landed in financial difficulties and fought against a weak down market.

  • Summer 2005 Nordisk Freizeit, a long-established leading outdoors vendor with roots in Denmark, bought Yeti and lead it back to ist original outdoor market..

  • With the Yeti workers and new management, Yeti has reclaimed its prominence in the outdoors branch.

  • Only through the consequent continuance of the Yeti values in terms of product philosophy and the use of quality down and high-quality materials did Yeti survive the Breiding years and remain in the position to offer their own brand down. It is called Crystaldown (tm) and reaches the high quality-level of the Ökotex-Standards 100. The operator can be sure that only goose down of the highest quality from European farms is used for our sleeping bags and clothing.
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